How to have a truly horrible vacation


Years ago my wife and I were on a vacation for her family’s reunion. We were there for an entire week and Amy’s mother asked me to do something that I’ll never forget. It was, in my opinion extremely obnoxious and way outside my comfort zone! I was trapped, felt betrayed, and still managed to have fun on the vacation because of something I’ve taught for over 20 years now.

Coming up I will divulge what was asked of me and how I overcame such a terrible request and still managed to have fun on the trip!

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“When you take a timeout during “fun times” you’re enjoying each other and the activities at hand. During a time out at home, do you separate yourselves from each other to cool down or do you strive to achieve “everyday normalcy” in the time out process?”

  1. Just to make sure you remember what a timeout is
    1. It’s just like what a coach calls in a game
    2. When your buttons get pushed, the last thing you want to do is stay engaged
    3. So call a timeout, take a break, go to your separate corners
    4. Pray
    5. Take ownership
    6. Figure out which buttons got pushed
    7. Identify any needs you might have
  2. Length of a timeout can be 20 minutes to whatever is needed
  3. Use timeouts to protect fun time
  4. Strive to achieve everyday normalcy

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