Men vs Women


It’s the battle of the ages . . . . the Royal Rumble . . . . the Clash of Titans. Men Verse Women!!! No we aren’t going to go all Mad Max 2 and throw two people in a cage to fight to the death but what we are going to do is do a bit of dissecting. We are going to pick us apart a bit.

Tune in as we honor the sexes, both males and females, and figure out what’s going on in each other’s head Next on Smalley Marriage Radio.

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There are some obvious and not so obvious differences between men and women.  Today we are going to discuss the relational differences of the opposite sex. How do men and women process information in the brain.  What are the pro’s and con’s to each?  How can we find the balance of rational and emotional thinking?

Amy, “Men want good marriages but sometimes feel ill equipped for the battle. Men want to be successful and if they can’t win at home they will find somewhere or someone they can win with”   

Gender & the Brain: Differences between Women and Men

Why Women Tend to Talk More than Men

How Male & Female Brains Differ

  1. How do men & Women process info in the brain? Relational differences :
    1. Men are more left brain- logical/ rational (more grey matter)- usually better at Math & Sciences, navigation.
    2. Women have more connections between the left and right side of the brain- female brains have 9.5 times more white matter which is the stuff that connects various parts of the brain, than the male brain
  2. Women are more verbal…
    1. Average woman 20,000 words
    2. Average man 7,000 words
    3. Why?  Women have 30% more of the protein called ‘Foxp2’
  3. How do the differences impact our marriages…
    1. Perceived pro of not talking by men— I won’t mess up if I don’t talk
    2. Perceived con by women — if men don’t talk- something is wrong- we fill in the blanks with our own agenda, filter, or negativity
    3. Men feel —
    4. Women feel– men should just know.. How I feel, what the ‘right’ thing to do is, what the ‘right’ thing to wear is….
    5. Honor each other so we can be balanced…
    6. Women connect through talking men through doing… join each other’s world

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