A Hero’s Guide To Winning Back Your Wife – who’s your daddy


Today we start a special series on The Hero’s Guide To Winning Back Your Wife.  It’s based on a new book I’m writing with my brother-in-law Roger Gibson for men who want to build the marriage of their dreams.

If you’re out there, and this title has grabbed your attention, then you’d better keep listening. Because if you don’t get this first step, on figuring out who your daddy is, then you won’t be able to do any of the things necessary to win back your wife’s heart.

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  1. A special new series for men on how to win back their wives
    1. Maybe you’re headed for divorce
    2. You just feel disconnected
    3. Keeping the good times rolling
  2. Who’s Your Daddy
    1. Clearly the first step is to figure out who’s in charge
    2. Who can turn your wife’s heart around
    3. What does it mean to have Christ as your master
      1. First choose to believe
      2. Now show your belief by obeying his commands
  3. How you know Jesus isn’t your master
    1. You keep trying to prove to your wife that you’ve changed instead of simply showing her
    2. You are scared and panicked
    3. You’re not praying and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your actions
  4. What does it look like if Jesus is in command
    1. You’re at peace
    2. Patience
    3. Forgiveness, for both yourself and your wife
    4. Respecting her boundaries
    5. Surrendering
      1. Allowing Christ to do the work for you
  5. A hero’s actions
    1. It’s not a prayer, it’s a lifestyle
    2. Find a mentor
    3. Engage with a community of men who believe the same thing
      1. Encouragement
      2. Accountability
      3. Support

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