Dr. Gary Chapman is on the show! Is there such a thing as a bad love language?


Today we get to chat with one of America’s best-known marriage experts. His books have sold millions of copies around the world, but for me, he will always be known as the “wrong Gary”. I can’t count the amount of times I watched my own father, Dr. Gary Smalley, sign a book actually written by our guest today…Dr. Gary Chapman. Countless people approached my father over the years with their personal copy of The Five Love Languages. And every time, they’d look my father in the eyes and say, and I’m quoting here, “Dr. Smalley, your book The Five Love Languages saved my marriage. Would you mind signing it for me?”

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The five love languages: words of affirmation; gifts; acts of service; quality time; and physical touch.

Interesting facts:

  • Did you know when you google “Gary Chapman” 22 million results come back in nearly half a second?
  • Every year for 19 years The Five Love Languages outsold the previous year’s number.
  • He has a B.A. from Moody Bible Institute, M.A. from Wheaton College (anthropology), M.A. from Wake Forest, M.R.E and Ph.D. from Southwestern Baptist.  That’s 5 degrees!
  • Is it true you were the first person in your family to attend college?
  • All the proceeds from his books and videos go to a charity that promotes Christian values in underprivileged families worldwide.

How’d you go from anthropology, which is the study of humans, early hominids and primates, such as chimpanzees to marriage? Anthropologists study human language, culture, societies, biological and material remains, biology and behavior of primates, and even our own buying habits, to marriage?

What’s the biggest fight you and your wife have consistently?

Is there a book you haven’t written yet, but really want to? If so, what is it about and why do you want to write it?

Is there such a thing as a bad love language? My wife’s only one is acts of service, which I think is the worst one of all!

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