Can separation heal a troubled marriage?

One of our listeners asks some questions that deal with some real and troubling things.  Is a separation a good thing for a troubled marriage?  How do you handle a spouse who’s been diagnosed with a personality disorder?  Can divorce actually help create a clean slate for your relationship to reboot or start over again?  Answers to these questions are coming up next.

Les Parrott is on the show and he’ll blow your socks off

The man we have on the show today is potentially the most prolific writer I’ve ever known! In fact, I’m a little irritated to even be doing this interview because he makes me look like a lazy, uninspired writer…which is not cool. But Dr. Les Parrott can’t be denied because he has a powerful new online assessment for couples that will literally “blow your socks off”, and I am quoting him on that.

What to do when your spouse negative beliefs you to death

Today we take on a great question from one of our live events. I just loved the wording of her question and knew our listeners could benefit from the answer. She wrote, “How do you get past a spouse who does not listen to what you say verbally but rather goes by what he thinks he thinks you mean. Like an underlying meaning behind the words.”