What's your love language?

One of the greatest books written of all time is Gary Chapman’s “The Five Love Languages”. In this ground breaking book, Chapman helps us learn that our spouse (and of course overselves) have basically 5 love languages, or five unique ways that we experience love. ¬†Quickly, the five love languages are:

  1. Acts of service
  2. Quality time
  3. Gifts
  4. Physical touch
  5. Words of affirmation

I’m curious about which is your top love language. ¬†So take the poll and let me know which of the 5 love languages is most important to you.

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12 thoughts on “What's your love language?

  • My wife and I were having this very conversation on Monday about how The Five Love Languages is by far the most important book that any married person will every read. We read lots of marriage book (as we also run a marriage blog) and that book is always a pivot point for which helps us slot the points in the other books that we read. It's interesting that quality time is leading in your love language poll and gifts are last. It kinds of speaks volumes about people in general doesn't it? Thanks for this (and all your other) posts

  • Mine has always been physical touch, ever since young. Quality time next and then words and acts and gifts. I really love cuddling and my kids all get tons of it, whether it's their love language or not!!

  • My husband and I tease about how my love language is gifts, perferably cash or gift cards. ;>) One day he came in my office to say he loved me. I said, "yeah, yeah, show me the money", and I put my hand out. He knew me and was ready. As I sat there with my hand out, he placed a dollar in it. We still laugh about that day.

  • What about those of us who have more than 1. I have a tie between words of affirmation & physical touch, so I had to go w/what I preferred. There r many others like me who have more than 1. I heard 1 guy (on Joyce Meyer 1 morn.)-she had a panel of guests & they were talking about Gary Chapman's book & he tied for 3 different languages. Would it be possible to revise the poll 4 people like us?

  • Reading the Five Love Languages was definitely a turning point in our relationship. When I told my husband that you make time for what matters and that I don't feel I matter when we don't make quality time for each other he finally got it. We started having lunch dates, playing tennis and Scrabble together, and reading marriage books to each other. God has truly been the only reason we've made it to our 22nd anniversary! God is SO good.

  • I've always thought that my language was physical touch. However, this last wekend my husband and I spent a couple of days alone at Mt. Magazine. We were teasing about love languages. I recounted again to him the story of watching my own dad pack his suitcase to leave our family. I remember saying "love you, daddy". He turned and looked at me then walked out without a word. I've come to realize that I offer words of confirmation constantly to my husband and children, and feel the most angry, sad, etc. when I don't get them back. This story has a fun ending. I had just told my husband that I really loved him and had enjoyed our time together. His answer: 'right back at you'. I said I needed lots of words–more than one or two. His reply—but that was four!

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