December 23, 2015

Westerville Smalley Institute

Do you feel like you aren’t being heard by your partner? Do you find yourself getting into the same argument over and over again? Have you lost the intimacy you once had with your spouse? Do you wonder what happened to the person you married?

You are not alone. Many couples have this experience, and may spend many hours trying to save their marriages with no luck. However, when it comes to marriage help, it isn’t about luck. It is about open, honest communication and a deep appreciation and love for each other. At The Smalley Institute, we can help you save your marriage by teaching you practical solutions for dealing with conflict. Our strategies are proven through years of experience working with couples just like you. Located in Westerville, OH, this Smalley Institute offers our Smalley Marriage Intensive couples retreat to help couples to reconnect and repair their marriages. We teach you the relationship skills you need to improve your communication and reignite the intimacy you had when you first fell in love. If you have tried couples counseling, marriage advice books, reaching out to your church, and still have seen no improvements, try the Smalley Institute for a different approach. Our Smalley Marriage Intensive has worked even for couples who are already divorced and have given up entirely. With the grace of God and an open heart, there is still hope for your marriage.

Are you looking for marriage help near Westerville, OH? Try our innovative and effective couples intensive strategy to revitalize what you once had. Contact us today.

The lead coach of this Smalley Institute location is Chad Wilt.

The address is:  

7413 Maxtown rd.

Westerville, OH 43082