The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage with Michael and Amy Smalley

The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage marriage event by Michael and Amy Smalley is a one or two day seminar that inspires couples to experience the kind of love and passion God desires for their relationship. Our event is not a guessing game, because each session is thoroughly researched to ensure its content actually makes a difference in couples lives!

The following topics are covered in our The Surprising Way to a Stronger Marriage marriage event:

  • Why you are always right
    Learn about the ONE reason why couples stress out and what you can do about it.
  • An amazing secret you won’t believe
    Even if your spouse doesn’t want to change, you can make an incredible impact on your marriage.
  • The easy conversation
    Connect to the heart of your mate by learning how to successfully communicate and resolve conflict.
  • What’s love got to do with it
    The natural outcome of a connected marriage is openness and intimacy. Learn 5 ways to keep the passion in your marriage.

Here’s what the experts say:

“I’ve seen Michael grow and mature over the years and I’m so proud of the husband, father and man he has become. I’ve seen them in action,and they are one of the most entertaining and inspirational couples I know. The Smalleys will knock your socks off and teach you what it takes to thrive in your marriage.”
Dr. Joe White, President Kanakuk Kamps

“I love Michael Smalley – he’s so imperfect! Talk about a man who married up, wait ’til you see Amy. They’re great teachers about life, you’ll enjoy them and be helped by them.”
Dr. Kevin Leman, Author of Sheet Music (Uncovering the Secrets of Sexual Intimacy in Marriage)

“Michael and Amy are an inspiration to Norma and me. Their relationship both on stage and off is a testimony of a continual growing love. I am truly proud to call them one of my best legacies.”
Dr. Gary Smalley

Here’s what the attendees say:

  • “Great team presentation – appreciate the humor, especially with tough issues.”
  • “They are real & honest.”
  • “Very clear, well presented, respectful and entertaining.”
  • “Very good, fun, informative, and scriptural.”
  • “Hit home in a lot of areas.”
  • “Amazing, hilarious, we personally related to their stories.”
  • “Superb! Better than anything I could have anticipated.”
  • “Great presentation. I laughed so hard it hurt.”

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