March 23, 2012

Shreveport Smalley Institute

Shreveport Smalley Institute Center

Your marriage may be suffering after years of broken promises, petty arguments, and hurt feelings, but that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on each other. At The Smalley Institute Center in Shreveport, LA, we have helped couples from all over the United States to revitalize their marriages and reconnect with their spouses. We do so through our unique marriage intensive program, Smalley Marriage Intensive.

Smalley Marriage Intensive is a 2 day marriage intensive that facilitates the development of skills that teach you how to resolve your marital problems and restore your marriage back to what it once was. Our specially trained counselors have a deep understanding of what goes into a successful marriage after years of experience in the couples therapy field. We developed our model for Smalley Marriage Intensive in response to the flaws in traditional marriage counseling; namely, that it takes too much time and is largely ineffective. Our Smalley Marriage Intensive couples intensive involves only a two day commitment, and implements strategies that have been proven to succeed. With Smalley Marriage Intensive, you can expect that you will not have a cookie cutter experience; every marriage is different, so every marriage intensive is unique to your specific issues and strengths as a couple. We offer long term results for your specific relationship issues, and practical marriage advice that you can turn to for years to come.

When you need couples help in Louisiana, The Shreveport Smalley Institute can help you. Contact us today for more information about our Smalley Marriage Intensive program.

The lead coach for Shreveport is Gil Martin.

The closest airport to our center is the Shreveport Regional airport (SHV is the airport code).

The address is:

9333 Linwood Avenue
Shreveport LA 71106

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