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Most of the time I hate it when people try to compare marriage to a business or even worse…the military! But unfortunately, I came across a business article that got me thinking about your relationship, and how you would really benefit from doing this business thing in your marriage…of course, with a few alterations to make sure it actually is helpful.

Have you ever tried to give a “Status Report” for your marriage? Unlike the ones you might get at work, this report is going to help you increase how much you love each other!

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“Write a Happiness-boosting Progress Report”, author Scott Crabtree (

He suggested doing a Progress Report instead of a Status Report.  

We’re going to do a State of the Marriage Report

  1. What’s the most meaningful thing you’ve experienced with us in the past year or less?
  2. When have you felt the deepest connection with me?
  3. What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned in the past year?
  4. How have we improved over the past year?
  5. What goals would you like us to meet together this year?
  6. On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rank your satisfaction with our marriage?
    1. Now…where would you like it to be?
    2. What can I specifically do to help get it to where you want?

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