Positive parenting people need to calm down


This semi recent craze of Positive Parenting people are really starting to annoy me. Now to be fair, there are definitely some good things with this system of parenting, but come on people, it’s not the be all and end all to great parenting. Frankly, this show is going to try and bring a little balance to parents, especially parents who have real kids!

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“Start with 10 tips for better behavior” by Amy McCready http://www.positiveparentingsolutions.com/parenting/start-10-tips-better-behavior

  1. Invest in one-on-one time with kids daily
  2. Get serious about sleep
  3. Focus on routines
  4. Everyone pitches in, “All kids, from toddlers to teens, should have “family contributions” (not “chores!”)”
  5. Encourage your kids to be problem solvers
  6. Simplify family rules and be firm
  7. Send time-out to the sidelines, “Practically every parent has tried to punish or correct behavior by sending their child to “time out,” but most have found it just doesn’t work or lead to better behavior.”
  8. Just say no – to saying no….[even in her example she sets up a scenario where a timeout might have to be used]  “Going to the pool sounds like so much fun. Should we go tomorrow after school or on Saturday?”
  9. Don’t worry, be happy
  10. Don’t ignore the source of misbehavior

Positive Parenting is Ideal, But Many Children Need Time-Outs, Tooby Robert E. Larzelere (http://family-studies.org/positive-parenting-is-ideal-but-many-children-need-time-outs-too/).  There just isn’t enough proof or research to show that Positive Parenting is the only way to go!

Now for the realistic tips for good parenting:

  1. Love your child unconditionally and constantly verbalize, show, and reinforce it.
  2. Have simple, fair boundaries for the home with clear cut consequences (logical).
  3. Never quit and just be consistent.

The two best books I’ve ever read on parenting are 1-2-3 Magic and Parenting with Love and Logic.

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