Let hope and optimism change you


How would you like to increase your ability to think better, tell the future, evaluate more effectively, solve your greatest problems, and just make better decision in life? Then all you need is a little dash of hope and a sprinkle of optimism. Sorry I made that sound so weak, because honestly, it might be the most powerful thing you ever learn.

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Why Are Hope and Optimism Important?  Seligman in Authentic Happiness, “As Seligman says in Authentic Happiness, “the art of hope is finding permanent and pervasive causes for the positive events, and temporary and specific causes for the negative events.”  by Jorge Luis Aurich Cornejo  


  • Because you need hope and optimism to strengthen you when things are tough in your relationship.
  • It creates enthusiasm and confidence.
  • Increases the prefrontal areas of the brain that deal with advanced thinking,  imagining the future, evaluating alternatives, defining strategies for solving problems, and making decisions.

So how can you increase this in your life so you can experience the benefits?

  1. Pervasiveness:  refers to the scope of the interpretation of an event. Thus, more optimistic thinking seeks specific causes for adverse events and universal causes for positive events. More pessimistic thinking does just the opposite.
    1. You don’t view negative events in your life as “global” or unsolvable.
    2. They are defined and specific things which make them solvable.
  2. Permanence: is about the duration of the causes of events. Optimistic thinking involves believing that positive events have permanent causes while adverse events have temporary causes. Pessimistic thinking flips these two ways of thinking.
    1. This isn’t going to last forever…things will get better because they always do.
  3. Often the first step in change is assessing what’s already going on.
  4. Make the choice to believe and think differently than the negative things that are dragging your thought life and relationship down the drain.

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