Husband as hunter (which really means protector, provider, all around stud)

My wife has been extremely stressed-out lately, and for once, it hasn’t necessarily been all my fault. There are certain things in a woman’s life that can lead to stress:

  1. Husbands
  2. Children
  3. That special time of the month (and I meant bills…I know what you were thinking and shame on you for thinking it)
  4. Rats

We’ve had a bit of a rat problem at our house over the past few months. You leave the garage door open over night here in The Woodlands, Texas, and you’ll have a rat infestation! It’s nasty and ridiculous. We’ve heard there’s 8 rats for ever 1 human in The Woodlands, and considering what’s happened at our home, we believe it.

But there’s been one particular rat who’s taken refuge in our kitchen. My wife discovered him with one of our dear friends, Melissa Houston (married to Matt Houston a director at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson, Missouri) and was mortified and embarrassed to have a rat living in our kitchen. That was over a month ago and I’d been unable to trap and kill this stinking rat ever since he’d been discovered.

My manhood was being seriously tested and I was failing. About once a week I’d hear a blood curling scream from the kitchen and would rush to find my wife flying through the air on to the island counter or the kitchen table. Then I’d watch that flipp’n rat fly across our floor and dart up a hole under one of our cabinets and disappear.

But not last night!

God bless my 10-year old son Cole. My wife screamed, again, and we all came running into the kitchen only to find her curled up into a psychotic ball on the island countertop. She was mumbling something and pointing toward the refrigerator, I peeked down the space between the refrigerator and the counter and saw the little $$%^%%&#$%^ and paused to figure out what to do. He was eating something and I couldn’t figure out how to kill him. That’s when Cole chimed in and suggested he go and get his friend’s airgun pistol and I shoot the rat.

Perfect! I could kill the rat and be the hunter all at the same time!

My first shot missed because I had an awkward angle, but the second shot was true and that little rat gave out quite the squeal, followed quickly by my wife’s very similar sounding squeal.

Isn’t this what a husband desires most? To be the hunter, to be the hero, to be the protector, provider, the all-around-stud? I’m totally behind the women’s movement and what that has allowed women to do (voting, working, respect, rights, honor, etc). What I’m not behind is the stripping of what makes men…men. Ladies, it’s ok to allow you man to be a man. To feel the rush of being a provider, protector, hero, and hunter. Maybe you didn’t marry one of these types of men, but you probably did.

I think I awakened something primal last night in the simple act of shooting a rat. Who knows where this will take me.

One thought on “Husband as hunter (which really means protector, provider, all around stud)”

  • It took you over a month to kill a rat in your house? Are we not men?!

    Rats are infesting The Woodlands? No rats over here. It was probably a mouse, rats are big and can't get through little holes.

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