How was your Valentine's Day? Tell me and win a book!

I want to know how your Valentine’s Day went, so please leave a comment on this post, but make sure and fill out the contest entry form to get entered to win a personally signed copy of my book, I Promise: How 5 commitments determine the destiny of your marriage.

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64 thoughts on “How was your Valentine's Day? Tell me and win a book!

  • Valentines Day has never been that great since we’ve been together (7 years). Finances and kids keep us from doing something special and we rarely go out on dates. I pretty much stopped having any kind of expectations so as not to be disappointed. This year was not any different, but we were all sick with some stomach bug so we didn’t do anything. I did get flowers and I gave my husband a card. My husband said we will have to celebrate on a different day, but doubt that will happen.

  • I did not have the traditional Valentine’s Day….I had a Valentine’s weekend. It started Friday afternoon with getting my 3 year old little girl ready for the Daddy Daughter dance she was to attend with Kevin, her Daddy and my husband. After they left, my 5 year old little boy and I had our annual Mother Son Date Night. We go to eat wherever he likes and do his choices of the evening. We went for pizza, shopping for a suit (like Daddy’s), Wal-Mart, and for ice cream. We spent Saturday and Sunday together as a family enjoying the outside and church services. Then on Monday, my sweet husband surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses (my favorite). That evening he and the kids presented me with a gift certificate for a manicure/pedicure and we went out to eat together as a family. Valentine’s is a day of love, but I think it’s for families as well as for couples. I am truly blessed to have such an amazing and loving family! <3

  • Our Valentine’s was truly terrible. We have been dealing with the loss of a business. We are so blessed that my husband finally has a new job buts it’s making 60% less pay. We have been stressed to the max. It is affecting our marriage and our family and has been beyond stressful. I’m staying in Gods word every day, doing my devotions and praying for solutions. It was truly the worse Valentine’s Day ever 🙁

  • This was our best Valentine’s day that I can remember probably because of the effort I put in to make it special for my husband. Our life is extremely stressful and includes being the sole caregivers for my 88 year old mother who has alzheimers disease. I told the kids I was making a special dinner for daddy and that he and I would be eating by candlelight. This showed my kids (ages 18, 15 and 8) that I care about our marriage and their dad. I made a special recipe that I had been looking forward to trying. It was very chaotic as I made a juggled gymnastics class, made a separate dinner for the kids, took care of my mother’s needs and made our special dinner. It was probably 8:30 before he and I got to eat, but it was wondefully relaxing. I am glad I put the time and energy into it. I know he appreciated it. Oh, and he brought me my favorite red tulips!

  • My Valentine's Day was ok. ____10 months I found out that my husband was a clinically-diagnosed sex addict. (real life infidelity out the wazoo! (not just porn) for the ENTIRETY of our marriage– even before!) He's in recovery, I'm in counseling, but things are FAR from perfect. Needless to say it's been a hell of a year. But, I'm still here. 🙂 So our anniversary and v-day are QUITE awkward. I did my best and focused on my children. As a family we enjoyed v-day food, wore celebratory clothes, and hung out as a family. ____Things may get better one day. But I know my vows, and I'm sticking to them. We love Smalley stuff! We've read and gone to your stuff before all this happened. Unfortunately, I find so much marriage material these days, completely unhelpful. Exercises, tips, communication advice, etc. is SO non-relevant. I know it's all good and great, but this problem is so deep, none of that stuff really helps. 🙁 It sucks.____*sigh* Oh, well. I do my best. God can do everything else. 🙂

  • Was a little dissapointing. I am/was engaged, going through a tough time, the reaction of the kids has laid a lot of guilt on my fiances heart. Trying to help her through it and trying to open her heart, but the progress is slow. Sent her flowers she said thank you and how beautiful they were and haven't heard from her since. I truly believe that she feels guilty about being happy when the girls aren't. The girls love being around me, but like all kids they don't want me to take away the eternal dream of their parents getting back together again.

  • For Valentines Day my husband snuck into my office over the weekend and decorated it with 28 large heart balloons around the top wall. He wrote on each one I Love You and the year of marriage 1-28 on 28 he wrote I love you as much as year 1. He decorated the wall behind where I sit with a lighted cupid heart and our picture in it. He framed another picture on my table in a frame that says you and me. He left a stuffed animal on my desk that sang I want to kiss you all over. Streamers, etc… unbelievable…. then I get home that night… rose petals made a huge heart on my bed. Heart lights singing "You are so beautiful to me" and 100 tea light candles lit in my room and rose petals to my bubble bath!!

  • My Valentine's day was awesome! My spouse and I have been exchanging the same cards for 8 years now – just writing something new in it each year and it's fun to see how our love grows! About ten years ago, we went out to dine and every nice restaurant had over a two hour wait, so we wnt to our favorite Burrito place – you know, one with plactic forks and disposable dishes, but good food. It has become a tradition and this year on their large sign, they wrote, "Dear Stilsons, See you Monday. It's a tradition." We heard about it all week from our friends and it made us feel incredibly special.

  • Simply wonderful! I arrived home to a bedroom setup like a picnic area complete with music, fried chicken, baked beans, potato salad, chocolate covered strawberries, and my favorite drink, root beer! We laughed and laughed and laughed. How beautiful. She even fed the kids and got them cleaned up before I got home. Love is in the air.

  • My Valentine's Day went very well. My husband & I wished each other Happy Valentine's Day through text. When we got home from work we gave each other a kiss & a hug (just like we do everyday). On the Saturday before Valentine's Day we went out for dinner at a new local restaurant. We try to go on dates every week but are very good at dating several times in a month.

    What made this day special for me was watching my husband give personal cards to each one of our 3 daughters (ages 17, 14 & 10). We try to be careful with our spending & not get caught up in commercialism. So just knowing that my husband loves me & shows it everyday of the year, made Valentine's Day special for me.

  • Our Valentines Day was awesome! The Saturday prior to Feb 14, we went to the Love and Laughter Seminar and our marriage grew ten-fold! We were equipped with so many new tools to help us communicate and honor one another. So we spent Valentines Day, alone, cuddled up all day, using these techniques to talk and just honor what God has given us. We fell in love all over again!

  • My wife and I had a wonderfully blessed Valentines Day. It started first thing in the morning by exchanging cards but not opening them. We let the fact that we remembered each other by a card simmer all day and build up the evening to come. Then, at dinner, we opened each others cards to wonderful words of praise and adoration. This was followed by a glass of wine, and a candle lit stake dinner at home. Then we enjoyed each others company while chatting over some questions from the book "Love Talks". We ended the evening with some very special intimate time. It was a very blessed night for sure.

  • We had one of our best Valentine's Day celebrations ever! Were there any gifts or cards? No. Did we go out to an intimate dinner? No. We have my mother living with us temporarily, who is in the mid-stages of Alzheimer's. She was one of our honored guests, and it was a delight to honor her as she has taught us how to honor our marriage vows. We just passed our 25th anniversary 3 weeks ago. We also had some other special guests. We had a mom, her son, and a child she has taken care just 2 weeks due to family issues in the child's home. This mom is a military spouse, and is physically separated from him. She would have spent the day away from her husband, with a very tiring day and reminders of people celebrating. So we were able to celebrate real love ~ God's love reciprocated to others. Because my Multiple Sclerosis keeps me homebound and unable to drive, my husband did all the shopping for dinner, and made a special dinner that he knew I would particularly love to make the evening special for me while honoring the other women that day. Everyone walked away that day feeling loved with the most important type of love ~ God's love. It was great!

  • Well now divorced- My Valentines went as it has since I was married- empty. When I was married I did the cards and some token, but never received from my then husband any thing in return. Now with my 3 children, I do continue to tell them I love them and get them something, and it just seems like "not enough, or yeah great" I actually tell the kids it isn't just one day we show love, but it should be every day. I try, I fail, I try again. I guess I never get to their real love language, I do have the book, but fail to really figure their language out as I thinkg they all have all of them. I fail to really know what mine is for the matter.

  • With a four-month old in a sling and a very active 6 year old, it was a family affair. The day before Valentine's Day, hubby treated me to dinner and the day of, he presented me with a large box of fancy chocolates. Also on the day of, I found a valentine in the diaper bag from my six year old in his own handwriting, AWESOME and received a phone valentine from my 19 year old son who is out of the home! Finally, we (kids and I) spent the morning making valentines and baking hubby a dairy-free chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Due to a broken oven, we used a toaster oven, which was reminiscent of easy bake oven cooking. Ha, he loved the cake. All in all Valentine's Day was full of LOVE just as it should be.

  • I had a wonderful Valentines Day. Upon awakening, I said Happy Valentines Day to my Heavenly Father. Then I wished my husband and boys the same. I didn't have any money , so I borrowed $40 from a friend. Things have been very tight, especially since I've been out of work for 9 yrs, due to health issues. That did not stop me from making sure that my family enjoyed a beautiful day. I made a pasta salad, baked some salmon and had sparking cider. I bought some strawberries and dipped them in white chocolate. I didn't have enough money left to buy a bouquet of flowers. God is so amazing. The store I went to, had a platisc container with rose petals for $2. I sprinkled them on the dining room table. After dinner, we watched passion of the Christ. The greatest LOVE anyone ever demonstrated, is what Christ did for us, by laying down His life for us so that we could be free. That's LOVE. I wanted my kids to see thee demonstration of true love. Also my husband and I wanted to be reminded of what real love is all about. We may not have much in the natural but, we have JESUS. We've got it all.__Launarene

  • Generally, Valentine's Day is just another day in our house. No card, no candy or flowers from the hubby…maybe dinner out if we feel like fighting the crowded restaurants. We are in the middle of a basement remodel, I need new tires for the car, etc. – so not much money for extras these days. We even got into a fight that afternoon so I wasn't feeling particularly romantic when I got home. Hubby did buy me two new tires for my car and put them on that night – so I was more than satisfied.

    But then when I crawled in bed about 10:15 pm and slid my arm under my pillow, I felt something. It was a black box. I got up, turned the lights back on, and opened it up. There was a beautiful diamond cross necklace. I had been asking for one for years – something simple that I could wear everyday. Only this one was much nicer than what I would have dreamed of getting. It is a beautiful daily reminder from him of our faith in God and our faith in our marriage!

  • Aah..Valentine's!!Valentine's for me is not something I care about.I see too many people being hurt,because they are either reminded that they still don't have a "significant other" in their lives or disappointed because our spouses don't "meet" the standards that are set ,out there…Sooo…Having said this; my Valentine's was great…I think the most significant part of it was that I (ME) was able to give and show my husband love without expecting anything in return.It turned out to be a very pleasant evening where he told me how much he appreciated being able to come home and finding a wonderful dinner on the table(which really didn't take a lot of work on my behalf.At least it didn't feel like it..LOL)a loving wife and a peaceful evening after a long day at work.THAT already paid me more than roses and candy!!…Anyway,my husband is not a very romantic person (he tries,though)..I knew that!BUT..He is a great provider a good father to my son and I never have to wonder about him being true to me…My home is peaceful,my heart is peaceful and God is in our relationship..I couldn't ask for more..
    We have our difficulties..But,hey…We were talking about Valentine's…Yes…I HAVE a GREAT Valentine!!
    Thank you for your wonderful work and for the MANY, MANY times your words have encouraged me and helped me…

  • Valentine's Day is sometimes just another day in our house, 7-8 (depending on if college student stepson is home) people blended into a stepfamily, and friends who float in and out on any given day. So we wing it, since we never know if plans will change, stay the same, or completely morph into something else. So, it was with semi-excitement I saw that Valentine's Day fell on a Monday. My two daughters go to daddy's house for visits and my sons are at their dad's also. And every other week, my teen stepson would go to his mom's for a week, as per their divorce decree. So it had been every other week, "Hubby and me time," so I would not be thinking much about the kids and would be thinking more about romancing my husband. Except for the last few months. His mom was not taking him at all! I never had a kid-free home! So we went out for sushi, and brought him home Panda Express. Then we snuck upstairs a little earlier than usual, lol. But I don't prefer this kind of night, really. I truly miss having the whole house to ourselves, as we could walk around nekkid or mess up the living room sofa if we wanted. *sigh*

  • It was wonderful. My husband made me my favorite French toast breakfast made of heart-shaped bread – using a cookie cutter and cutting them out. I, on the other hand, surprised my husband, who is a pastor, by taking him to a dinner with 150 other pastors and wives in the Detroit area, to hear a pastor encourage us to keep our marriages strong so that we can be an example to the married and engaged couples in our church. It was a memorable day for both of us.

  • My husband gave me flowers and chocolate. Very nice. I wondered if any of the ladies sent their husbands flowers? I did that one year and was lambasted and told to never ever ever do that again. LOL Do all husbands feel the same way?

  • On Valentines Day my husband and I dropped the four older children off at school. We then were accompanied by our 1 and 3 year old daughters and went out to lunch at a castle. We didnt have a sitter, but still enjoyed the company. We took them home for their nap and snuggled up on the couch to watch The Notebook. We actually went to a Prayer for revival time where we let the Holy Spirit lead the worship through us…but we do it as a husband and wife team. I have to say, the Lord's presence was just amazing and I loved this Valentines Day so much!!! 🙂

  • My Valentines Day was disappointing, but it is because we have had financial difficulty over the last few years and it has taken the wind right out of our sails. Then there's the pressure of living up to the expectations of your mate and the fact that on that special day, everything has to be just right. It's just too much to achieve on one single day.

    We did exchange simple gifts…candy and a card, but that's about it. Lackluster, for the most part. Maybe next year will be better.

  • Valenitines was a different one this year than the rest. My wife doesnt like going all out on things like that especially for waisting money on flowers and candies and such so I brought it down greatly from last year. Last year I did the countdown to Valentines. I did the 12 days of Valentines a couple of weeks prior to the actual day and she really didnt like me spending all the money I did on those couple of weeks. I did enjoy it though. I just got her things she liked and used regularly, but again, she didnt like spending the money. So this year, we went to a non-fancy restaraunt, had a couple of burgers and then went to some of my kids (I'm a Youth Pastor) basketball games and hung out there. This was actual the Friday before and that was our Valentines Date!! Nothing too fancy but she liked not waisting all the money. Thats was my Valentines this year. Just with my beautiful bride!!!

  • My Valentine of 36 years…35 as my husband…brought me a WillowTree Statue called "Together". He said that the way the woman reached to touch the man's cheek as he embraced her from the back was just the way I touch him. It was a powerful reminder and affirmation that we still choose one another.

  • Through a couple of recent tough conversations with my husband I came to realize I am not the only one who does not feel valued in our relationship. We decided to put our marriage first and our children second. (actually God is first, but you get the idea) Thank you to Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham for their visit to our church and reading resources, our marriage is turning a corner!!!! This Valentines Day I made my husband a card using words and pictures cut out of magazines to express my love and appreciation for him! I had a a great time making it and he loved that I put so much time and thought in to it! I felt all giddy and excited giving it to him! It's the simple things.

  • You asked how our Valentine's Day went. Well, it wasn't exactly what I expected, but that's partially because my sweet husband was sick with the flu. That's not what disappointed me – what did was that he didn't even get me a card – BEFORE he got sick. We've discussed this – I save cards b/c they hold memories for me. I like to take them out and look at them from time to time. His family didn't give cards, hence the problem. I always give cards to him – he's touch and go with me. This September will mark our 10th wedding anniversary, and we have been wonderfully blessed – I'm certainly not overlooking this. I just wish he'd get a clue about these little things that mean so much to me!!! Thanks for listening.

  • My Valentines day was wonderful I married my prince charming, even though I did not like it that some people thought I was a damsel in distress because I was a single mom. WE complete each other because 2+1= husband plus with GOD make is completeness! Be blessed <3

  • My Valentines Date was awesome. We live in a small town and were going to go to movies and fancy dinner. Well, movies were closed 🙁 but my favorite thing I have been wanting to do is BOWL. So thats what we did while waiting for dinner reservation. Bowled in pearls and pumps. It was great. Your newsletters seriously saved my marriage of 29 years! It's not about just me anymore. Thank you!

  • My Valentine's Day wasn't so great. I often get disappointed on holidays, so I try not to get my hopes up. My husband proposed on Valentine's Day 12 years ago, so I guess he doesn't even try to beat that. Our finances have been very tight and we have no extra money. How can I expect my husband to get me something when we have no money to do anything? I try to get creative, but after so many years it can be tough. I just try to remember what a wonderful gift my husband is to me and that he is a blessing from the Lord. He doesn't have to earn me or buy me. I need to love him as he is. I know he would like to do things, he just doesn't know how. Neither one of us had great family examples to help us know how to express love in a meaningful way. But, that doesn't mean we can't. Maybe next year will be a great Valentine's Day!

  • I have a really great husband! Even though we didn't do anything exciting (we have a new baby), what more could I ask for? 🙂

  • Our Valentines was wonderful, we spent it in NWA at the Love and Laughter conference. Wonderful evening!! We were sat center stage tnen awarded the "Love" Award as NWA Marriage Champions of the year 2010.

  • Hope everyone had a romantic and special Valentine's day. This year my husband surprised us by hiding treats around the house for me and for our daughter to find! It was very special to wake up to special surprises as I went about my morning routine. He has not done anything so romantic in many years and I'm sure it was in large part because of your ministry.

    Also, my daughter, who is in fifth grade, came home from school with valentines and said this is the last year she will get them from all the kids. Starting in 6th grade, on Valentine's Day, the girls don't talk to any boys and the boys don't touch any girls. I think that is a cool tradition. Of course she goes to a private Christian school.

  • This Valentine's Day, I decided that, since I didn't have much money, that I would have to be creative. As it turns out, it was better that way because it is easy to buy a box of chocolates or have flowers delivered, and both of these would demonstrate thought and a time investment, but what I was able to give my wife was unique. I wrote her a letter, and rather than simply writing it on paper, I incorporated it into a Powerpoint presentation with nature scenery to enhance each aspect of the letter and built in the song that I have dedicated to her, "If you could see what I see" by Geoff Moore. I was going to post the presentation on Facebook to openly declare my love for her, but I decided to give her the option after giving it to her in private. It turned out to be a good thing I asked her because she felt that it was for her only and didn't want it shared with the Facebook world. It was a learning moment for me.

  • I am sure that this is not the type of comment you are looking for but, my Valentines Day did not go so well as we are in the process of a divorce. I pray daily that my wife's heart will change but she is intent on proceeding with the dissolution of our marriage. Please pray for us.

  • For our first Valentine's Day, we had been dating only a few months. I made a very special lobster dinner for him. I had never touched a live lobster before, so it was quite an experience for me. My husband thought it was very special and loved every minute of it, even if the lobsters tried to crawl out of the pot at the beginning! (I only had a small soup pot to use.) That evening brought many fun memories. Fast forward 24 years…..We are married almost 22 years
    with 5 children (ages 5 to 13). My husband has been living separately for the last 3 years. He is planning to move back home in March and this was going to be our first Valentine's Day together in a while. However, he said he was too tired to come by and didn't feel like eating a big meal. He sent flowers instead. Wish the day had been better….

  • Mitch and I had a typically disastrous valentine date. He will be busy around Valentine’s Day because his plant is
    having an outage. He is working lots of hours. This is standard and happens most
    years. He called me while I was at work the Friday before Valentines. He was frantically trying to arrange to take me
    to dinner and a movie. Valentine’s Day was “coming up”. After
    asking me to dinner, he informed me that he knew I would be mad, but he had transferred money from my checking account into his to cover his bills (and in my mind, my Valentine’s dinner). After work, I met him (and the friend he invited) at a Mexican restraunt . I asked what movie are we seeing? “I don’t know, look it up on your phone and pick one”, he says. I do and the only one playing at this time is Gnomeo and Julliet, a kid’s movie. Still, trying to salvage this date, I agree. Mitch pays for our dinner (including the friend’s) with the money he borrowed from me. We go to the movie. I fall asleep immediately. The entire way home I cry silently and dream of getting out of my marriage.

  • In the midst of marriage difficulty, Valentine's Day is awkward. I found a card that I felt sincerely reflected my feelings, and wrote a note about believing in US and how we can overcome with committment and effort. I also got a gift tower for him from Harry & David's. I received some loose roses from the grocery store (no container and one was broken off) and a rather generic card without much of a message. A few hours later he gave me a note he had typed out, which he claimed he forgot to insert into the envelope before sealing the card. It comes across as though he did not want to go out on a limb and commit to this relationship until I did so first. So, I would have to say I was disappointed. Maybe I should just be thankful even though this pales in comparison to previous Valentines Days.

  • We had a double date with our 30 year old daughter and her husband who just enlisted in the Army. I cooked for them. My wife liked her flowers and gave me a wonderful card. Praise the Lord.

  • The Love and Laughter seminar on the Saturday before Valentine's Day was my husband's gift to me. It was the perfect gift. I got to spend all day with my husband, share with him, laugh with him, even a dance with a kiss. Very nice. We learned alot. The one drawback is that while we talked about God there were no prayers to ask God to help the married couples present.

  • Valentines Vow was an event 104.7 the Fish conducted in Atlanta, Ga. My husband and I enjoyed spending time together at this event for date night. We both liked listening to Josh Wilson sing as well as renewing our vows. It is always fun and special to rekindle date night experiences without our the kids.

  • Valentine's this year was a bit harder than previous years, because our relationship seems to be breaking down. I wish we could communicate better and he would be a man willing to love sacrificially and that i would be a more pleasant person to be with. Sorry for such a sob story on the day of love, but there is hope in Christ Jesus!


  • Hi Gary,
    my valentine's day went well. It was not all that romantic; I got to hang out with my Mom; I took her for a hair cut and pedicure. I t was fun spending time with her after being apart for a while. It was also two days after her step-mother's funeral so it was a great opportunity to make her happy again. We got home later in the evening and even though I felt tired, I knew I would never tread this day with anything else.

  • We have a mutual understanding about Valentines Day and we know that if we are not showing love to each other the rest of the year why this one day should make up for it… so we don't do anything other than say Happy Valentines day and work in an extra kiss or two. We just take out all the expectations that end up causing hurt feelings.

  • Stacey hang in there. I am praying that God quickly answer your prayers for prosperity in every area of your life. Shalom blessing to you and your family. Keep love alive.

  • I'm a 26 year old dude… I get to spend time with (intentionally pursuing marriage) this amazing 26 year old young lady… For Valentines Day I prepared an evening at home. She was aware that I had planned the evening, but had no idea of any details. Essentially, what I planned was to think of as many "things she enjoys" as I could, and put it all together in a romantic and thoughtful way. This ranged from getting Olive Garden to go for dinner, arranging flowers, putting together a board game fun basket, and many other small details that I thought would be meaningful to her. It was a WIN! It went smoother than I could have imagined it going and we got to share a great evening together. It took a little time for me to plan it, but it was definitely worth it.

  • My Valentine's Day was special. We have been married a little over 5 years and this year our Pastor challenged the men to not just buy a card and sign it, but to list the reasons why they loved their wives in the first place and why they still love them today. My husband blessed me with a list of 27 reasons why he loves me still. The night before I got his card I was running the "why would he love me" tape through my head. We have been through a lot in the past four years of our marriage, mostly illness on my side. He has had a lot of practice sitting and waiting in hospital waiting rooms for me to come out of 9 different surgeries in those four years. I am very thankful that I have him in my life and that he has stayed by my side through all of our wedding vows – the good and the not so good.

  • Valentine Day was the worst ever! We got in the biggest argument because I had asked him not to spend alot of money and get flowers or jewelry. He listened. I though he could at least get a card. He wasn't feeling well that day so me asking why he couldn't pick up a card started a huge fight. Went to bed with out speaking. Hope this NEVER happens again.

  • My Valentine's was wonderful. We got up and after saying good morning wished each other a Happy Valentine's Day. We both took off to work and then my hubby called to say he'd brought me tea to work…but he had a dozen roses, earrings, and a card. We also talked about the woman who worked at the front desk loosing her husband and having no one this year and Darrell was going to get her a rose but wasn't sure how I'd feel about it so out of respect for me he didn't, but I adore Arlene and she's a very sweet woman so we gave her one of my roses and it felt wonderful because it truly made her day/week. She was so happy that we'd thought about her when she had no one this year. Later in the evening we went out to dinner and then had a nice evening cuddling…

  • He gave me a dozen red roses and chocolates for my mom who is sick with cancer and took me out to dinner the day before valentine's day. I was expecting to get a diamond ring and waited and waited and when I didn't get it I almost broke up with him! What is wrong with me? Anyway I got the tantrum out of the way and we had a nice talk after but not sure if it's ever going to happen? maybe on my birthday…

  • My children made me breakfast, a hot dog sausage sandwich and chocolate milk with an apple.
    latter night my husband took me to dinner just the two of us. The economic situation is really holding us back.
    but we both try to keep on going. and enjoy to the max each day.

  • This Valentine's Day was probably the worst ever in 22 yrs of marriage. My husband is no longer in the home and we desperately want him to come back. This Valentine's day my heart was just broken and tugged at regretting all of my past mistakes and praying that things will turn around soon. I was constanly reminded to stay in prayer and have faith. The day was just so hard to get through (much harder than I had anticipated). My prayer is that his heart will soften and he will agree to go to the intensive 3-day with me. I have been praying for over 8 months and my eyes are on next valentine's day when I can say "it was a fabulous day!"

  • Hmmm, Valentines Day did not happen at my house. After being sick the week before, and then realizing that on Valentines Day my husband would have to co-preach a funeral we decided to do nothing for each other. Well, I did send him an e-card and after receiving mine he returned the favor. Hopefully we will do better for our wedding anniversary, but I am not holding my breath. Life seems to be getting in the way of us having time to connect with each other.

  • It was all fun and of course and i realy enjoy it but please i need an attractive young lady of not more than 28 years who is employed for a seriouse dating

  • I had just had surgery on Feb 8 and was discharged on evening of the 10th. My daughter and my birthday was the 11th, so my husband had got a cake for us. No shopping was done as I was not home to get anything for our daughter so we told her it would come later. My mom was here the three days I was in the hospital and on the 14th we and to return her to the airport – early. So at 5:30 am we all gave each other hugs and said Happy Valentines Day and brought my mom to the airport. We came home and everyone went to their everyday activities. That was our Valentines Day.

  • It was sad and disappointing. He filed divorce papers in October, said in November he wants to work out our marriage after all, yet totally and purposefully ignored V-Day (btw, ignored our anniv. and my bday, both Jan. as well…) Made no sense to me, and I was just sad, as usual, and – as usual – he was not affected in the least . 🙁 Priorities, I guess….

  • We got yogurt from Cherry Berry then took it to the lake to eat and got our car stuck in the mud 🙂

  • We had a very nice day. We had a special dinner, surf and turf (and shrimp). We made it at home and really enjoyed it. Valentines Day was on Monday this year, so we went to Bible Study in the evening and worshiped God. A great day!

  • I have done the 12 days of valentines twice. It is quite an effort but it is really rewarding. I am sad Terry that your wife seems to have built such walls that she finds it difficult to receive love – unless you stressed her out by making your financial situation more precarious.
    One big benefit I got from doing 12 days of Valentines is that the kids really got into it, wondering what would happen next. I used fairly inexpensive gifts and include notes and verses from song of songs.

  • I think I was avoiding it. Bad times in our marriage. My dear hubby cannot due to his own issues seem to meet my needs with my love language. This has been going on for 12 years together. My LL is quality time and he has problems being present, sharing his feelings, providing affirmations and feedback of what I share, sharing on point or in present…….many times agreeing to a plan than blowing me off, it is all very painful for me and I am feeling totally isolated and alone in my marriage. We had a brilliant love affair at one time, were friends, but thru time trust, intimacy and connection have diminished. He says he wants to be in the relationship. That he loves me more than he’s ever loved anyone. I just don’t feel it or believe it. He has never liked Valentine’s Day, or holidays, I USE to love them believing them a chance to make beautiful memories. I found myself unable to even find a card. Use to write ,writers, texts, share feelings often but he didn’t even reply or acknowledge most times. Seemed like a burden. So I am so not feeling authentic, I feel sad. I love sharing sentiments of love but not feeling very loving. He did get two cards for me. But like usual did t give them to me just left them on table by sofa where I was sleeping. I wrote a card for him. Right mow the cards are on the table…unopened. TV on. Me on iPad and him. Not much to say. I could bring up my feelings again and give examples but it would honestly be met by nothing…he wouldn’t say anything, answer, contribute……..I see he is making an effort. He went to grocery store and got food to “make me a nice dinner”. I have no idea where he got the money. Until next pay day next Friday I only have ten dollars in my wallet. We use to grocery shop together. It was an event. Time to be together. We use to spend most of our time together it was basis of our long distance relationship. He would not have been able o think ahead last night and say hay why don’t we grocery shop tomorrow together so we can have a nice VD meal. I have x dollars set aside. Ok? Instead he said nothing about today….he doesn’t like to and even when I try usually doesn’t plan with me. Sadly I have stopped trying. Any subtlety is lost on him. So we will open our cards at some point. Have a nice dinner with our (my) son who is home and probably awkwardly go our separate ways him to bed early cause he works tomorrow, me up, alone….(he takes meds that make him fall asleep fast). We use to not be able to get enough of each other. I never imagined that I would ever not sleep with him. But at some point it lost any meaning. No quality time at bedtime either. I think the inability to be emotionally present is partially due to mental health issues, bipolar. Memory issues I think is why he doesn’t realize how bad it is for me and why. I have told him. I have shared what I need. Why I don’t feel loved or important to him. Why it feels to me there is no relationship and I get nothing back from him, he agrees, but says he has no answers……….I believe we were together to grow, evolve, heal,learn together but maybe not. Your work is inspired. I know when people learn these skills they can heal and change and be intimately close. I an open and willing. Grateful to,have found your site today!

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