March 23, 2012

Houston Smalley Institute


Your marriage is the most important bond you will make in your life. However, it is not a relationship that you can maintain without effort from both partners. Too often, people give up on their marriage because it isn’t as simple as they imagined it to be. They believed that love alone would be enough. While love is the central force in a marriage, there is more to it than just passion for each other. In order to maintain your affection for and dedication to each other, you must put in the effort to develop certain skills to help you communicate with each other and consistently deepen your bond.

If you are struggling to keep the joy and passion alive in your marriage, our marriage intensive center near Houston, TX may be able to help. Located in The Woodlands, TX, the Houston Smalley Institute Center has years of experience in helping couples just like you. Our innovative marriage intensive strategy has helped thousands of couples to revitalize their relationships and reconnect on a spiritual level. Through our Smalley Marriage Intensive couples retreats, we offer intensive one-on-one couples intensive sessions that allow you to explore exactly what is going on in your marriage, while developing the tools you need to sustain your intimacy and communicate effectively.

If you are interested in our unique marriage intensive model, try our Smalley Marriage Intensive couples retreat in The Woodlands, TX at the Houston Smalley Institute Center.

For hotels near our facility in The Woodlands, just click on the following link – Hotel and Travel Information (Adobe Acrobat required). The closest airport to our offices is George Bush International (IAH is the airport code).
The address is:

26205 Oak Ridge Dr
Suite 119
The Woodlands, TX 77380

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