God's bit and bridal

God has designed a special “bit and bridal” for mankind to place in his mouth and allow God, through Christ’s words, to control which direction he moves.  It’s just like a horse being tamed.

When I place the bit in my mouth, I agree with God that His ways are higher than mine and His ways lead to the best life possible.  So I obey Him when He “pulls the reigns to the left or right!  

God becomes my Boss, Lord, Master, and so on.   As I put the bit in my mouth, He infuses me with His power because I “humbly” admit that His ways are better than my ways.   He then gives me his power and He gives me His words to memorize and dwell on them day and night!  

So, I get His power and love as I remain under His control and I move in the direction that He wants me to….. that is… I love Him and others and “cheer” when things appear to go “bad”.

Always remember, God only gives his Grace to the humble, or the ones willing to be lead!


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