7 thoughts on “Did you ever think of this for a date night?

  • A Facebook friend wrote:

    Stacy Joyce Kennedy

    "Hang out at a bookstore, get a latte, find neat books & music and show each other! We rarely buy a book but it's fun to just hang out and see what new (or wierd!) books are on the shelves!"

  • A Facebook friend wrote:

    Alicia Kritzell

    "We went to Chipolets got burro. didn't stay there to eat it. but sat outside the movie theater and talked for an hour while we ate on a bench enjoying the beautiful weather then we watched a funny Tyler Perry Movie and laughed our butts off. It was enjoyable because we don't get time to talk with out kids interrupting."

  • This is a great comment from Facebook if you have lots of kiddos running around:

    Melissa Barr Smith

    "We have 5 kids ranging in ages 10 yrs to 1 yr so getting a sitter costs an arm and a leg!!! Instead of going out we will feed the kids and put the little ones to bed at 7:30 -ish and then put on a movie in our bdrm for the older kids. My hubby and I then prepare a nice meal for the 2 of us and enjoy with minimal interruptions because the kids know that this is our "date time". It usually works out great!!! :)"

  • More from Facebook:

    Amy Smith

    "Libraries loan DVDs, Walmart has a selection of them for $5.00. Popcorn is cheap. So movie marathons are fun and can be really inexpensive.

    Game night! If you have board games, make a date to play them together.

    Pack sandwiches (or split a $5.00 sub from Subway) and have a picnic at a park, in your back yard, on your bed.

    IDK. I think planning and intention are more important than what you're actually doing. That's the thing about dating. It's not about where you go, it's about getting to spend time growing closer to someone you love. That doesn't cost anything. It doesn't require that things go optimally or conditions to be perfect."

  • Amy Smith wrote on Facebook:

    Gary Smalley says you can get your wife interested in football by telling her things about the players and their families. That might work. Assuring her she's more important to you than football and being willing to watch something you both enjoy will go even further. ;o)

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