February 11, 2013

Denver Smalley Institute

Lead Smalley Coach for Denver is Karen Thacker

The Denver Smalley Institute is located in Lafayette, CO. Like all our centers, this Denver area marriage intensive center is designed to help couples reconnect with each other and save their marriages. At Smalley Institute, we believe that marriage is the most important bond one can experience in life. Our marriages transformed our lives, and we want other married couples to cherish each other the way we do. We are sincerely invested in the success of the marriages of every couple who comes to us for help.

At the Smalley Institute, we find the way traditional marriage counseling is done to be flawed. Getting people in a failing marriage to commit to one hour a week to improve their marriage just doesn’t cut it. When you are feeling hopeless in your marriage, you cannot wait weeks and weeks in couples counseling for potential results. With our 2-day, intensive Smalley Marriage Intensive couples retreat program, we are able to dig deeply into the issues you face as a couple. We give the practical marriage advice you need for long-lasting results.

It isn’t about finding and placing blame. It isn’t about guilt or shame. There has been too much of that already. Instead, we focus on straightforward solutions to your marital problems. We educate couples on how to forgive, listen, and love each other once again.

If you are ready to reconnect with the person you fell in love with, come to our Denver area marriage intensive Center in Lafayette, CO. Smalley Marriage Intensive your marriage with the Smalley Institute.

The closest airport to our center is Denver International Airport (DEN is the airport code).

The address for your navigational gadget is:

1373 Forest Park Circle Suite #204
Lafayette, CO 80026

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