April 11, 2013

Couples Communication Course Introduction

Marriage is tough, and it’s the toughness that makes marriage so wonderful! We want to propose a question to you, “What in life worth having is easy to achieve?” Think about this for a moment. In virtually every area of our life we know that in order to be great, it will take knowledge, skill, practice, and a lot of hard work. No one in their right mind thinks becoming a CEO, professional athlete, or successful entrepreneur is easy. But when it comes to our relationships, our marriages, the most common thing we hear couples say is, “It should be easier…why is this so hard…it is just too hard…”

Do you remember playing board games with a parent or grandparent? Do you ever remember a game where you knew your grandma let you win? How did the victory feel? If you were old enough, it probably didn’t feel good at all, like something was missing from the victory. The true joy of winning was dampened by the fact you were allowed to win. In essence, you did not earn the victory, it was given to you, which took all the fun away from winning. You didn’t have to work at it, the win was not earned.

Why would marriage be any different? Our original question read, “What in life worth having is easy to achieve?” Our hope for you is that you look at the difficult times ahead as an opportunity and not a tragedy. That your eyes are focused on loving each other through the conflict instead of being buried in the conflict. Because conflict is coming, no matter how wonderful your dating life is, conflict is a doorway to intimacy and is a part of any significant relationship. Conflict is a healthy thing WHEN YOU KNOW HOW TO HANDLE IT PROPERLY. This is where things turn bad in a relationship, when people don’t know how to communicate during conflict.

You are taking steps in this study to prepare yourselves on how to resolve conflict and turn the tough times into opportunities to grow more intimate. You need to know how to resolve conflict with your mate, so we are going to teach you positive communication and how to resolve conflict!

We’ve been helping couples for over 18 years, and if we’ve learned anything in all this time, it’s that couples fight. They fight a lot.

There is nothing abnormal or unhealthy about getting in to conflict with your spouse. Conflict is the natural progression of an intimate relationship. Conflict is actually healthy and an important part of a balanced marriage (or breakfast).

Conflict is natural. Conflict is inevitable. Conflict adds depth to your relationship because you are sharing differences of opinions and needs. When you get in to conflict, you are learning about each other and presenting an opportunity to better love each other.

The problem with conflict is most couples don’t have a clue on how to resolve conflict. They just fight and never make up or draw closer together.

We want to shed light on how to find a win/win solution in every argument. You don’t have to be miserable and avoid topics because they are “too sensitive”. This course will give you the structure and the system to find out why you are in conflict and to gain understanding about each other on a level you may not be used to – a close and connected level.

You will learn how to utilize conflict to help your marriage rather than allowing conflict to tear your marriage apart. This course’s journey will take you down 5 roads for healthy communication:

Road 1: Why the drive-through at Chic-fil-A will help you find peace
Road 2: The awesome power of a time-out
Road 3: Learn how to be a great employee for your spouse
Road 4: Learn how to be a great customer for your spouse
Road 5: Finding win/win solutions is as easy as 1-2-3

Get ready to discover how to experience healthy conflict. Your relationship will never be the same after this course. Marriage can be your most precious and connected relationship here on earth, don’t allow conflict to keep you from true happiness with each other. Use conflict as a means to gain better insight of each other’s needs and as an opportunity to grow closer together.

25 thoughts on “Couples Communication Course Introduction

  • my husband is from north Africa where the woman actually has no opinion or vote. although he’s come a long way, we still get into it where I just sort of out yell hm and win. for the moment. believe me I pay after, I get the silent treatment.

  • I am not a beginner in marriage. We have been married for 56 years! I am 81 years old and my wife is 78. We are great- grand parents. We have experienced a lots of wonderful years together. However, in recent years, we have drifted into more and more conflict. We are Christians and have been more than 50 years. We are active in our church, worship and ministeries.
    I heard your program on KPDQ Radio Program and thought your free program might help me be a better communicator with my wife. I really want to avoid conflict.

  • I want my marriage to work and we have so many unresolved issues and we do not know how to talk and listen to each other. Please pray for us.

  • This is great information. I tend to avoid conflict for the sake of keeping the peace and I know that’s not the healthy way to handle it. This is encouraging!

  • I have been married for 7 years. My wife and I are currently separated. I am trying to reconcile and get professional Christian counseling. I am not sure if my wife is willing. I am not quite sure what to do at this point.

  • I have been married for 7 years and I don’t know if I want to save my marriage. My husband signed us up for this course and I promised him I would take it with him. I believe everything your saying bur our relationship goes a little beyond conflict. But I am willing to give it a try.

  • Good introduction. I used to think that all was well because we did not fight. However, we avoided conflict by not talking, expressing self as well as used silence which grew led to resentment. So while it is not a fight with yelling and screaming, avoidance and silence is not healthy.

  • My husband & I have been married 2.5 years. We’ve attended seminars & are in counseling now at our church. It’s been a rough year & I’ve come to realize that my husband doesn’t love himself & because of that he can’t love me. we have not been intimate (sexually) in months. I don’t want sex for pleasure but I want an emotional connection he can’t give me because of his issues. I want my marriage to work & I’m determined to wait for God to heal my husband.

  • Looking for something to help bring husband of 12 years and I closer. Looking forward to receiving your intro and any further insight 🙂

  • it seems that couples have different kinds of troubles they are dealing with and it would be helpful to have more specific ideas for those troubles. some can be extremely traumatic, like infidelity in our case, and using normal techniques to deal with this in the long run, just isn’t enough. I hope to have more levels of help available in these courses in the future.

  • Wao iam very happy to have come across this I believe that this will help me and my friend cos I am going to introduce them . Thanks for accepting me into your programme .I am from Nigeria

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