Building intimacy with your man


Hello ladies! At SMR we know what you truly want with your man…intimacy. But sometimes experiencing meaningful intimacy with your man can feel a lot like Rocky trying to catch the chicken during one of his epic training sequences. Today, you’re gonna catch that chicken (I mean Intimacy) with your man!

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  1. First thing is to recognize what most men view as intimacy
    1. Physical activity
    2. Physical touch
    3. Positive affirmation
  2. Approach him positively by asking him what would be meaningful for him.
    1. Doesn’t help to approach in a shameful or negative manner
  3. Do something different (break that old routine)
  4. Just go and have some physical fun
    1. Fishing, Top Golf, etc.
  5. But mainly follow through with what he shared is intimate for him

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