20 questions you have to ask each other


Recently I came across an article that initially freaked me out. But as I continued to read it, a different kind of understanding began. Dr. Randi Gunther wrote, “Couples who rely too much on heightening their successes and ignoring their inherent dissatisfactions may end up facing a different problem.” What that problem is and the 20 most important questions to solving it are coming up next on SMR.

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These 20 Questions Could Bring You Closer Together


The first step in rebalancing security with risk is for both partners to realize what locked-in opinions or behaviors they have ignored in favor of comfort.

The second step is to explore where those thoughts and behaviors originated and how deeply entrenched they are.

Both partners need to ask of themselves, and each other, what ideas, opinions, and behaviors they’ve never challenged.

Even though it may be counterintuitive, your relationships will be more successful if you’re authentic and open about your attitudes and opinions from the beginning.

    1. Men think of women as ______________________________________.
    2. Women think of men as ______________________________________.
    3. Relationships work out because the partners ___________________.
    4. Relationships fail because _____________________________.
    5. Love is __________________________________________________.
    6. In order to have a great relationship, women must ________________.
    7. In order to have a great relationship, men must ________________.
    8. The hardest thing about an intimate relationship is _______________.
    9. People fall in love because _________________________________.
    10. The most important qualities of great male partners are _____________.
    11. The most important qualities of great female partners are____________.
    12. The most hurtful thing a man can do in a relationship is _____________.
    13. The most hurtful thing a woman can do in a relationship is __________.
    14. What men most like is ­­­­­­_______________________________________.
    15. What women most like is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________________________.
    16. The most important lessons I’ve ever learned about relationships are____.
    17. The adjectives I’d use to describe the perfect relationship are _______.
    18. In a relationship, I cannot do without _____________________.
    19. The best attributes I bring to a relationship are ___________________.
    20. I would absolutely end a relationship if _________________.










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